This website has been created to provide a more convenient way to find charms than reading the Exalted 3rd Edition core rulebook (you don't allways want to find your way in the 686 pages of the book).

At this moment, Charming enables you to:

  • Access the full description of all charms listed in the core rulebook
  • Create characters (not character sheets, only the name of the character is saved)
  • Add charms to your character's favorites
  • Search a charm by name, description, ability, keyword
  • Display only a character's favorite charms

This project is developed by Nicolas Rio.

Most of the material in this website (charms description, graphic assets, Exalted name and logo) Copyright © White Wolf Publishing AB. All data has been reproduced from Exalted 3rd Edition published by Onyx Path Publishing and Miracles of the Solar Exalted.